Concrete mixing stations concrete slump and slump flow measurement

(1), humid slump cone and other utensils .. and put the barrel on non-absorbent rigid horizontal floor, then stepped on the two sides of the foot pedals so that slump cone holding position when loading fixed . (2), the concrete samples made according to the requirements of three layers with a small shovel uniformly loaded barrel. So after tamping each tube high height of about 1/3. Each pound with tamper plug 25. Automatic hydraulic high pressure brick machine Pound should be inserted in the helical direction from the center outward, each time interpolation pound should be evenly distributed on section. Tamper should be inserted throughout the depth of the underlying pound. When inserting the second layer and top pound, pound rod should be inserted through to the next layer of the surface of this layer. When watering should be filled to the top layer of concrete above the slump cone mouth. Interpolation process, such as concrete pound sank to below the cylinder port, you should always add. Scrape off the top layer is inserted after pound of excess concrete and smooth with a spatula. (3), a vertical lift smoothly lifted after clearing concrete slump cone cylinder side on the floor. Mention slump barrel from the process should be completed within 5-10s. Uninterrupted and should be completed within 150s from the start mentioning slump cone charged into the entire process. (4), instituted after the slump cone, measuring the height of the concrete test tube high and the difference between the highest point of the body after the slump, is the slump in the value of the concrete mixture. (5), when the concrete mixture slump more than 220mm, with a ruler measuring the concrete extension after final maximum and minimum diameters, the difference between these two values ​​is less than 50mm, the arithmetic average of slump flow value Otherwise, the test is not valid. (6), and extended slump values ​​in millimeters, measured values ​​rounded to 5mm.

The basic characteristics of concrete mixing station have?

Batching plant material stored by the system, the control system of the five components of the system and other ancillary facilities consisting of building materials manufacturing equipment, and its main job is to cement the principle of cementing material to sand, lime, cinders and other raw materials were mixed and stirred, finally making into the concrete, as the wall material into the construction of production. Concrete mixing station since been put into use in Chinas building materials industry has played an important role, of course, this is commercial concrete mixing station itself has superior characteristics of the decision. Concrete mixing station is divided into sand feed, powder feed, water and feed additives, transmission mixing and four parts storage, equipment Tongshen overall steel casting, high-quality H-beam not only look beautiful, but also enhance the overall structural strength of concrete mixing station equipment easy to install, it can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structures. Concrete mixing station with good stirring performance, the device uses a spiral twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, the mixer can be strong not only for dry hard, automatic brick machine china price plastic and various proportions of concrete can achieve good mixing effect. Stir and high efficiency.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; concrete mixing station mixing console has not only excellent, but also have a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyor, metering sensors, pneumatic components, these components ensure that the concrete mixing stand during operation highly reliable, precise measurement skills and long life. At the same time, concrete mixing plant various maintenance parts are equipped catwalk or check ladder, and has enough room to maneuver, mixing console can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system has a function starvation and over-temperature alarm function, easy to equipment maintenance. Concrete mixing station has a good environmental performance, the machine running the process, powder manipulation are within fully enclosed systems, high-efficiency dust collector tank pink / mist spray and other methods greatly reduce the dust pollution of the environment, while commodity concrete mixing station for pneumatic systems and unloading equipment exhaust muffler means are used effectively reduces noise pollution.

Dawson mixing station equipment to explain the main advantage of the analysis

Stirring station equipment research and production, and promote the great development of Chinas infrastructure and other industries. After ten years of development, is now fully grasp the large and small concrete mixing station equipment production and construction processes. Concrete mixing station is a joint means for centralized mixed concrete, precast concrete, also known as field. Since the concrete mixing station mechanization, high degree of automation, so productivity is high, and to ensure the quality of concrete and cement savings, commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges, etc. project. With the development of the municipal building, the user using diverse synthetic material components, resulting in station equipment at the station we used with national standard configuration has quite different. Today small for you on takeoff at mixing station equipment What are the main advantages. 1, land conservation. Concrete mixing station off the required space is small, compared with the normal inclined belt conveyor feeding the mixing station, it can save up to half to two-thirds of the land area occupied; takeoff mixing station equipment used hopper hoist way feeding hopper and unique design track, it can be easily and efficiently in full bloom and HZS Cement Concrete Mixing Plant Series dumping aggregate, and greatly reducing the space occupied area. 2, serviceability, without affecting production. Stirring platform, metering platform and lifting platform fully guarantee the required verification, inspection and maintenance of equipment. When the outer protective layer needs to be filled, there is still enough space for daily work. 3, easy installation, optional strong. Optional fixed steel beam type or just a few hours, along with other ancillary equipment control room, batching stations to install fixed, stirring body systems steel girder on concrete mixing station removed from the truck to install them as long as two to four days to complete the pre-production preparation. 4, high efficiency and low cost. Rising Investment funds less mixing station, using less equipment, easy maintenance, performance can be equipped to separate control room, making the device easy to operate safe, and in the case of accurate batching machine can produce high quality and efficiency of concrete.

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