Maseratis president is only a four-door sedan, its global popularity is evident in the sales continued to rise, and its president from 2009 to the present model has not replacement. Since Maserati official renderings, the appearance of a new president has been completely finalized. However, a new version of the entry in force the president will no longer use 4.2L engine, but for the first time used a supercharged six-cylinder 3.0 displacement engine. The new Maserati CEO more than the cash movement, especially with its GranTurismo models 350Z Coilovers from renderings closer look at the design of the headlamps, including the entire front face designs are become more sporty design, while the side is retained with the cash the same shark gills design. The new president than the current total of more slender. In addition to the appearance of the use of a new design, a whole new generation of Maserati president also made a change on power, China Netcom club from abroad that the new president, in addition to carrying a traditional V8 engine Infiniti G35 Coilovers, Starter Edition will launch a six-cylinder models, However, the two new power decreased emissions than cash, and are supercharged engine. On the parameter 3.0T engine maximum power of 306 kilowatts, maximum horsepower to 410. 3.8T engine maximum power of 395 kW, maximum horsepower of 530 Both engines are matched 8-speed manual gearbox. After high cash Maserati CEO vehicle emissions in China will hand over the high consumption tax, especially the displacement of more than 4.0 to 40% of the consumption tax, and the future president of the new model facelift 3.0T engine audi k04 turbocharger displacement will further excise duty reduce, and even though the 3.8T models are also lower than the rate of cash consumption, on the one hand equipped with twin-turbo engine power compared to the naturally aspirated engine is bound to be more efficient, on the other hand will further lower emissions down entry threshold and increase sales.